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So I’m sittin’ here gettin’ my eat on why u gotta take these pulls, and Missy be starin’ at me like she got Taco Neck Syndrome* and shit.

*It’s from a 1990s advertising campaign by Taco Bell, featuring Shaquille O’Neil. People with TNS have their heads cooked to the side from eating tacos. YouTube it.

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Reblog if you’ve ever been called:






Attention seeker.

Reblog if you’ve been called any BY YOUR PARENTS or any other close relation


The top three.

Pretty much all of them :(

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I want to be someone’s favorite person to talk to.

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Why I need feminism.

Everything in one thing right here

Not one to reblog these kinds of posts but this is one I actually agree with

The last picture

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Happy Earth Day!

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A thought that has kept me up all night (and frequently does)

Yup. Still waiting for the day when a woman can post a photo of herself, regardless of what she’s wearing (or not wearing) and not have the comments section inundated with comments from men saying things such as: “your sexy I wanna fuck” (because, you know, her sexy and all that), “How about you sit on this dick,” (which causes one to wonder whether that’s a question or a declarative statement, given the lack of punctuation) “U bad. 2 bad. Nice tits,” (I assume they learned English from a short-hand text primer. And, also, her passerine birds must really be nice, though, I don’t recall seeing any in the photos in question) and my personal favorite (which, I’ve had said to me on more than one occasion: “You got a nice ass.” I was not aware that I owned a donkey.

All joking aside, this is the type of behavior that I have no tolerance or patience for. We live in a society where nearly every moment of our lives is monitored in some fashion or another. No one is anonymous. There are cameras everywhere, recording our every move, pretty much, without our permission. To reclaim some of the control, which is increasingly stripped from us, we turn to our cameras and smartphones, sharing those sides of us that we wish our world to see. It’s one of the few things we have anymore and, it’s the most affordable tool we have to hand down our legacy.

I can’t stand when men feel the need to claim that too. So many can’t simply look at a candid photograph of a woman, whether she’s bundled up in a marshmallow coat and moon boots, or a bikini, and say, “What a beautiful smile,” instead, zeroing in on her breasts, her butt or her crotch, maybe the shape of her lips, whatever they can somehow adapt in their warped mind into something to stimulate Super Dick as if it’s a woman’s honor, duty and pleasure to do so. For fuck’s sake; there is more to life than getting some hot body to bounce up and down on little Richard!

If it was Adult Friend Finder or some shit like that, while it would still be of very poor taste and basically ineffective at seducing someone, it would at least make more sense to make such snide comments about a woman’s body, offered with the eloquence of a pimply-faced, squeaky-voiced teenager plagued with nocturnal emissions and executed with neolithic incompetence and such poor spelling, grammar and syntax that it causes one to wonder not whether English is your second language, but if you even have a first language to begin with, given the forum and context. It would make more sense, but you’d still be an asshole. But, to go to one’s personal Google+, Instagram, Tumblr or Facebook page and “compliment” their breasts or butts in photos where they’re Easter egg hunting with the kids or running a marathon or something no more sexual than sipping an over-priced, bitter cup of coffee at Starbucks is as distasteful and disgraceful as shoving them into a mound of dung on the lawn, and it shames me to live on the same planet that you do.

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"Oh, you’re a trans man? You’re so lucky. You don’t have to worry about getting a boner in public."

"Oh, you’re a trans woman? So lucky. You don’t have to worry about having a period."

"Oh you have cancer? Lucky. No hair to worry about."

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5637) My body won’t ever look like a cis woman’s. hormones and clothes have helped me pass about 3/4 of the time, but i still want to hide my body from people, even my girlfriend when we have sex. and it isn’t just the penis. if i could just look like an average girl except with a penis i would still want that part gone, but on top of that my body is all misshapen from my first puberty. i just look like a large-boned man with soft skin. i don’t want to be seen like this. i want to wither up and die.

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Well, it’s officially been 24 hours since I’d last slept. I guess I’m ready to start a new record. 5 days (give or take a few minutes here and there) was my longest stretch. 

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The difference between Bisexuality and Pansexuality: A Powerpoint Guide (Slightly updated)

spot fucking on

I really like this, and the section on “do find differences between genders and find different things attractive about them” versus “It’s not a factor” actually is something I’ve never seen written out so well before, as a legit distinction between bi and pan.

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Jeezum Lord Mercy! My neighbors have unabashedly loud sex all hours of the day. It quite literally sounds like they’re in the same room with me. If you’re going to be so loud that I can hear every thrust, every moan and every moan, you may as well invite me over.

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What does it say about me that I still listen to this soundtrack 19 years later? Feel free to judge. #MortalKombatOMPST #MortalKombatOST #MortalKombat